UK Subs & The Vibrators concert review

British punk landing for Gdynia. U.K. Subs and The Vibrators concert review. 


With over 30 years on the stage, can you still play punk rock without risking mockery or at least indulgent treatment? No doubt – yes. Both The Vibrators and UK Subs proved that they are still far from musical retirement.


Every local fan of the punk rock classics has marked the Sunday date in red on the calendar. It is true that both British groups have already visited the Tri-City, but you can easily venture a statement that the joint concert of UK Subs and The Vibrators in Ucho in Gdynia was quite an event.


Two local, but very famous among old Polish punks, bands were responsible for a warm-up before a real punk feast. DDT and Po Prostu for decades have been faithful to simple and rough punk 77 style, what we could hear in music as well as in lyrics.


The Vibrators could not complain about the lack of warm welcome. They delivered melodic punk rock, with strong rock’n’roll influences, which a bit reminded of the unforgettable The Clash. “Baby Baby” sang along with the audience was the highlight of their solid, energetic performance.


As it turned out later, it was only a foretaste of a real punk festival. Despite the passage of years, UK Subs confirmed their great condition, proving that we are dealing with real masters of the genre. Incredible stage energy, original riffs, and guitar solos, recognizable charismatic Charlie Harper’s vocal (this year celebrates his 67 birthday), together formed a coherent whole.


Of course, there could not have been missed such hits (however weird this would sound in relation to punk rock) as known from the “This is England” movie soundtrack, the anti-war anthem “Warhead”, or the immortal “Riot”.


After the Sunday concert in club Ucho, you can undoubtedly state that British veterans of the punk scene, not only did not lose their freshness, but they would be able to supply energy to many younger bands.


phot. Maciej Warowny,


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January 15, 2018