Moya Brennan concert announcement

Priestess of the Irish folk music in Gdańsk


“I think Moya has the greatest voice that a human ear could ever experience” – this is how Bono speaks about the vocalist of the Irish group Clannad. Moya Brennan will perform on December 2 in the Church of St. Nicholas. This is her second visit to the Tri-City. Together with the band Clannad, she performed in 2008 at the Forest Opera in Sopot.


It will be an amazing performance for fans of ethnic music inspired by Celtic sounds. The first voice of the Clannad formation will visit Gdańsk as part of the concert tour around Poland.


Sounds whose roots are linked with the traditional folk of the “Green Island”, thanks to Clannad gained notoriety. Key role in group’s popularity played soundtracks of the iconic series “Robin of Sherwood” and even more popular “The Last Mohican”.


– It is possible that during the concert we will hear songs known from the soundtrack for the series about Robin Hood, such as Robin The Hooded Man, or Together We – says Łukasz Wierzbicki from the MCA music agency organizing the Moya Brennan tour. – Moya will perform the best-known songs from the Clannad repertoire, but there will also be some traditional Irish songs.


Since the start of her solo career, Moya Brennan has recorded 10 albums and performed alongside world-famous musicians, such as Van Morrison, Bob Geldof, or Bono.


– Apparently, when the Bono heard the voice of Clannad’s singer for the first time, he had to quickly pull to the side of the road, not to cause a car accident – says Łukasz Wierzbicki. The U2 leader was so impressed with Moya’s vocal abilities that he immediately offered her joint recordings, which resulted in the hit “In a Lifetime”.


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January 15, 2018