Being clear about the objectives will help in finding best copywriter – interview with Francesca Nicasio

What is the best way to search for a good copywriter? How to find out why content for a certain product doesn’t hit a nerve? Why are white papers the most expensive copywriting products? About copywriting with Francesca Nicasio – a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and content strategist.


In a perfect World, what a client (business owner, marketer) needs to know before going on a search for a copywriter?


Generally speaking, the client should always know what success looks like for them. What do they want the content to achieve? Are they looking to rank in search? Do they want more social media exposure? Is it a lead gen thing?


Being clear about these objectives will not only help the client find the best copywriter, but it will also help them measure the writer’s performance.  And then from a writer’s perspective, having crystal clear objectives will help them write content that’s spot on.


Agency, freelance copywriter, or posting on Upwork, Freelancer, and other freelance sites – what is the best option for a client looking for high-quality content?


Clients looking for high-quality content should start by tapping into their network. Ask other businesses (that have remarkable content) if they know any great writers. This is a good way to find candidates quickly.


Another option is to find the writers of articles that you enjoyed reading. Reach out to them and ask if they’re open to freelance gigs.


What happens when a client „knows better” and tries to force you to write something you don’t feel like writing at all?


I avoid putting myself in such situations by scoping out the project thoroughly before I agree to write something. If I feel that a client isn’t a good fit, I politely decline, and say something like “This type of thing isn’t really in my wheelhouse, but I hope you find the perfect writer for the job!” 


What does a client need to do when a product does not „hit a nerve”?


Figure out the exact cause. Why isn’t the product resonating? Is it because of the product itself? Is there a lack of demand in the market? Or is it an issue with the marketing or messaging? The “right” answer will vary, and clients will be able to figure things out by looking at their data. Checking their analytics, conducting surveys, doing post-partums are just some of the things they can do to get to the bottom of an issue.


There are various forms of copywriting. White papers are most expensive ones. Why? How do they convert?


White papers are expensive because they usually require a lot of writing and research. If by “conversion” you mean lead gen, then white papers are popular because they’re packed with information, and they do a great job in positioning the client as an authority in their space. 


Francesca, you specialize in writing for retail. Is there an industry you regard as very challenging to deliver stunning content?


I think what’s “challenging” will vary from one writer to the next. If you’re genuinely interested and passionate about your field, then writing content shouldn’t be excruciatingly difficult. Personally, writing about retail comes naturally to me, but I would probably find topics like medicine or insurance difficult. But then again, I know writers who excel at creating content for those topics!


Personalized content, SEO, social media, video content – those are the most popular trends in marketing right now. Will each business sector have to follow all of them to survive?


I believe all the trends you mentioned above will have a role in the future, and the right marketing tactics will depend on the business.


But based on my experience, SEO is still one of the best ways to drive traffic to a piece of content. Going forward, I don’t see this dying out anytime soon. But marketers will need to be prepared for increased competition, and they need to start thinking about how consumers are searching for what they need. Voice search is gaining a lot of traction at the moment, and I think it will continue to gain steam in the coming months and years. 


Thank you very much, Francesca.

Francesca Nicasio is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and content strategist who specializes in creating B2B content for companies in the retail, technology, and SMB space.


She also founded, a website dedicated to helping others break into the business of freelance writing. 


When she’s not typing away on her laptop, you’ll likely see her spending quality time with her family, reading a good mystery novel, or enjoying a meal at a nearby KBBQ joint.

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