How top biotech companies use emotions in video content?

The long curly hair on the wind and biotechnology labs. Oarsman on the foggy river and genetic research. Saxophonist and beating unbeaten diseases. Bare dancing feet and fighting cancer. Burning candles and a quest to conquer HIV. Top biotech companies have a mission to use high-tech solutions to overpower the most challenging diseases of our civilization. How do they try to touch our emotions with video content?


Since all digital marketing foresight articles, surveys, blog posts confirm the hegemony of the video content in marketing strategies, I have decided to explore video materials produced by few industries: top Tech companies, Big Data start-ups, and AI Healthcare leaders. Some of them are more powerful than others, but all in all, they know how to evoke emotions. Today, I would like to analyze how the elite of biotech sector deals with emotions in video content.


“My heart sank when I got that phone call”


What speaks louder – numbers of people who died because of cancer? Or stories of particular ones told us by their closest? Celgene helps patients with cancer and other debilitating and chronic diseases. In this video, we first get to know few people through the eyes of their loved ones. Then we find out how devastating for them was losing a father, a mother, a friend. Eventually, we realize why did they show those people, and we understand and appreciate their motivation. 



“I would cry. Cry of joy.”


Gilead company is on a challenging and extremely valuable quest. They work on finding a cure for HIV. Their main video has an emotional hook at the beginning and an emotional end but loses its power somewhere in the middle. It’s not a bad take, it’s interesting and showing competence, but it could have a stronger impact.



“Connecting the dots between DNA and disease”


Amgen is very serious about communication. They use press releases, fact sheets, brochures, presentations, and plenty of video content with high-quality animations. In this material, they juggle with pictures sharing happiness and momentum to play with our emotions. We can dive into joyful moments in slow motion: a saxophonist at a concert, a birthday cake, long curly hair blown by a wind, a women’s face bathed in sun, bare dancing feet. But what’s more important here – beautiful motion pictures are backed up with some quality writing: “more sophisticated analytic tools”, “we’re connecting the dots between DNA and disease”, “we’re working on turn the time on cancer”, “we regroup, we think, and we attack the problem again”.



“The patient is at the heart”


Novo Nordisk treats diabetes disease and treats video content seriously. This is a vivid example of video storytelling  Another engaging material which combines eye-catchy pictures with emphasizes the crucial features and benefits with carefully thought-out writing. “Meet unmet needs”, “cutting-edge treatments”, “the patient is at the heart”. Well done.



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