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Agriculture, finance, HR, sports, robotics, news & media, and much more – Artificial Intelligence sets new rules in various business sectors. AI companies create the new reality, and it is incredible, promising, and scary at the same time. How about Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector? AI healthcare start-ups form extraordinary solutions beyond imagination and revolutionize different aspects of medicine, but how do they manage their video content?


Last week I looked into video materials of top Big Data companies, and they turned out to be able to produce light and charming video content. Today I would like to explore top AI healthcare players. How do they approach it?


Healthcare start-ups among Top 100 AI leaders


According to Fortune: “artificial intelligence could add $15.7 trillion to global GDP by 2030”. This is absolutely mind-blowing. AI can be a response to the ills of humanity, especially when it comes to combating diseases. Among Top 100 AI companies are few from the healthcare sector. Each of them focuses on specific goals, and they do amazing work in their field. Powerful content lays in their hands. Are they willing to use it when it comes to video content? Unfortunately, only some of them try.


Reducing risk and optimizing patient behavior


AiCure uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor patient behavior. It’s a mobile platform designed to take care of patients and react in real time, in order to reduce hospitalizations. Nice video with warm and friendly voice and soothing music in the background. It explains the product and its benefits to patients. 



App doctors from Babylon


There is something important as well as cool in the app and Babylon company spirit. They have a mission and a vision. Their app connects a patient with a competent doctor in no time. How about their video? Light and friendly animation highlighting problems and answers, with good writing.



Turning back the clock with ageless cells


Insilico uses big data and deep learning to work on projects to prevent aging. It has potential, it’s interesting, and the company tries video content to present it to the world. However, this piece leaves me with some mixed feelings. It reminds of video ads in sci-fi movies, and I just can’t help it, I’m watching it a bit ironic.



“We can do something and it’s not a small thing”


Finally, some video content that actually moves. Recursion Pharmaceuticals uploaded a showcase piece with good-looking motion pictures, zooming into empathy and people who care. They use technology to cope with diseases, and they tell about it in a human way. It’s a pity that this video is only on their website.



Still more to achieve


Artificial Intelligence is a revolution, it is the future. Healthcare sector starts to achieve impressive results in using technology to defeat the diseases in the earliest stage and to take care of patients more efficiently. Their work is so outstanding, that it just has to be converted to more video materials. Still, plenty to do.

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