Big Data video content – light & charming?

Are Big Data companies able to produce beautiful and easy video content? Is it possible to showcase their work in a pleasant and engaging way? Last week I dove into some video content delivered by top tech companies. I was wondering whether that industry is attractive enough to amaze with stunning video materials. Today I would love to discover that field of marketing in top Big Data firms.


In the same way as video content, SEO, social media, and personalized content are regarded as the essentials for marketers, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things are valued as a lighthouse for future of marketing and business in general. As a marketing consumer, I find this phenomenon a bit ambivalent. At first glance, those terms look so fascinating like Pinterest travel photo boards, but after a while, they overwhelm with tech jargon. That’s a huge challenge for Big Data companies to create content that will decipher the idea, features, and benefits to a wider audience.


What kind of content?


Big Data companies and their content writers use the full range of copywriting possibilities. On their websites, we can find white papers, press releases, blog posts, webinars, podcasts, case studies, and more. What video content? Can they achieve the mastery level like Intuit, Ellie Mae, VMWare, or Yardi Systems? I have checked some top Big Data firms to find out.


1. New Relic


Nice example of product showcase. High-quality animation with medium pace and positive music in the background. Good piece of writing as well, including magical words underlining benefits to the client: “precise picture”, “fix issues quickly”, or “detect and resolve incidents”.



2. Tableau


Another video content piece which highlights problems and solutions. The pace is steady and the viewer can easily follow this short guide through a rather complicated service. Everything works here and it’s pleasant to watch.



3. SAS


This is my personal fave. Impressive motion pictures and animations. This video shows competence, guidance, and a classy dose of humor. It’s fresh, it’s good-looking, and most importantly – it’s packed with short, simple, jargonless, and dynamic sentences.



So, can Big Data companies create light and charming video content? Yes, they can, however, most of their digital marketing material is rather scientific than stunning and entertaining.

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