4 examples of tech companies video content that rock

Video content is the future – that statement has become a digital marketing mantra. All surveys, reports, foresight articles and blog posts predicting trends in the business, convince us that video marketing, together with social media, SEO, personalized content, is on a roll. Can it apply to each industry? Is every business category “sexy” enough to produce stunning and effective video content? Today I would like to show you 4 examples of impressive clips delivered by top tech companies.


Video content – Internet traffic & sales booster


Online video has become the new television. According to latest surveys, in 2018 it will generate 80% of internet traffic and will gather more and more attention of marketers. It already has a huge influence on consumers decisions and behavior, and it will continue to grow. In B2B and in B2C communication, viewers are more likely to take action after watching a video. Let’s take a look at few random statistics published by rendrfx.com to fully understand how powerful this phenomenon is:

  • Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%
  • Video in e-mail means a 200-300% CTR increase
  • 90% of users declare that watching product video helps them in the decision process


Tech industry – the unstoppable hype


Constant growth, attractive salaries, outside-the-box thinking, casual and friendly atmosphere – there are plenty of reasons why tech companies rock the labor market. In December, Business Insider published the list of Top 20 tech companies to work for in 2018 according to employees. It’s not surprising to find such giants as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn on that list, so I decided to check how other companies manage their video content. Here are my 4 favorites.


1.  Ellie Mae

Leading cloud-based platform provider for mortgage finance industry. Entertaining? Amusing? Hardly. But since it’s one of the companies that employees love, they took advantage to show that they are friendly, competent, and passionate. This showcase video is a great example of presenting warm atmosphere and welcoming culture. It leaves me with a “kind of like those guys” impression. Nice camera moves and montage, inspirational music in the background, and underlining ice cream as a pleasant work bonus.



2. VMware

Cloud-computing and platform and platform virtualization, so again a challenge when it comes to creating video content. On their youtube channel, there are tons of videos with product overviews as well as customer and partner testimonials. The main piece is a stunner, well written and produced. It points out the needs and solutions in a dynamic and attractive way.



3. Yardi Systems

Real estate investment and property management software. What I like about their video content is not only eye-catchy motion pictures but highlighting company’s features and client’s benefits, and most importantly that it’s a great place to work (“work hard, party hard”).



4. Intuit

The last video is something else. This is huge, this is massive, this is breathtaking. Over 20 million views is not a coincidence.





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